by Conan's First Date

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released September 1, 2009

Márton Bencze - guitar and vocals
Erik Vándor - guitar
Greg Bossányi - bass
Nikosz Margaritisz - drums



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Conan's First Date Hungary

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Track Name: Effigy
I complete your life everyday
eat my soul and feed on me

I flow in your blood's stream
I'm awakening

I will live for you
so will you die for me
I'm an architect
you are the effigy

We are flesh and blood
share the same life we've got

I was born inside you
I'm awakening

I will live for you
so will you die for me
I'm an architect
you are the effigy
Track Name: Killing Machine
Another spawn of thunder has been born
bait of kings, death of many
Hell incarnate, pervertly shining star
of destruction and greed

Killing feast!

Break into the core of despise
tear the walls apart
this will be the execution of the
ones who act like gods

Act like gods!

By their sons, their machines
we can't accept
Track Name: Punishment
Rage is rising from its womb
to take over the world of demise
pain will end the dreamworld
that you believe to be the
only one that is real

All your beliefs you were safe
All the stories you've been told
coming down in a second

Don't you dare to think of revenge
because you fuckin' know we've got nothing to lose
You can't decide what your destiny will be
cause my punishment will know who to choose

Your way will lead to my arms
to the arms of suffering
Better start to run from your past
for I remember everything you did
Set yourself for a fight with us
by the end of the day you'll return to dust
take the shame and the responsibility
you have no choice at all

Prepare for the torture
I will raise the pressure
Prepare for the pain
You will cry my name
Track Name: Will Not Remain
Damn you you ungodly warlock!
You'll suffer for your curse
You put your vengeance on us
hiding behind your mask
Take this, I will remind you
suffer for your demise
I'm ready, I'm prepared
I'm gonna tear you down!

Listen to the sounds of evil
it will echo in your brain
This manikin life you think you're living
Will not remain!

Through the sky
floating embers from the fire

Coming from the human mind
Lying in its fake disguise

The world that you created
will end so soon
The power you have stolen
will leave you now
Track Name: Hypochrist
Give your word!
Give your life!
Give me everything you got
Don't regret when you die
We remember every lie

Matter is not yours for sale
You are predestined to fail

You fuckin' lie

We will stand before you
on the last of days

Hell is inside everyone
You don't where you belong
to the sky or to the ground
choose where you want to be bound
give your life to the ones you owe
take your part of the suffering

All will be done
We killed the sun
The future is gone
Track Name: The Werewolf Rising
Comes from the darkest night
atavistic creature of blood
standing in the twilight mist
spawn for an ancient god

pain will rise once again
you will die by its hand
obscure cult of the dead
spreading its rotten arms
face the truth
face your fate

We rise from the unkwown fear
Incantating all the beasts
monsters from the ruined age
hungry for your blood and tears

The werewolf rising
The werewolf rising

Standing in the pale moonlight
Waiting for the endless night
Dismembered and torn apart
I'll feast upon your heart